Change Lives on a Couple Saturday Mornings with Off The Streets !

Would you consider giving 2-3 hours on a Saturday morning to help deliver or collect furnishings or household items ? We can’t solve the big dilemma that is homelessness, but we can help that one Brother,Sister,Mom or Dad in front of us who is trying so hard. 

Your help means that we can say “Yes!” to an individual or family who needs basic furnishings for their new home. Tasks include helping to move everyday household items, and such apartment sized pieces as mattresses, end tables, chairs, single dressers, & loveseats. 

Using only volunteers, Off The Streets helps those experiencing homelessness who are referred by local social services, and have a way to pay rent going forward. We help fund security deposits, and provide basic apartment sized furniture to help create a comfortable home. Most Saturdays, we help individuals or families to make a fresh start.

We really need YOU! You can help as an individual, a family, an organization or a business. Please, would you give it a try? WE also have a number of other volunteer opportunities that do not include all the heavy lifting.

Ask any OTS volunteer – it’s a blessing to do this work. It’s perfect for families with teens too!

If you would like to volunteer or donate please contact us at or text Mike at 203 249 3586.

Thank you!


Welcome Baskets — In addition to furniture, we provide a basket of essentials to people when they move in.   All of these items can be found at The Dollar Store.   This is a great activity for either individuals, community or youth groups.   For more details, see the “Furniture and Household Goods” page.


If anyone has fundraising skills or interests, we also could use you!!